Born in Madrid, Spain, I have lived here all my life although I’ve always dreamt of moving to the country some day.

It was my mother who piqued my curiosity for cooking and my desire to create. Having always been fascinated with drawing and photography, I studied Graphic Design. I then worked a few years as a designer but ended up doing Customer-oriented work for a long time.

After my company closed, I was confronted with the chance to do what I really loved: cooking, writing and shooting photographs.

I then started my blog, Bake-Street, in 2011 as a way to keep a personal recipe diary without even thinking that it could become more than a hobby.

Today I work at home creating food content and teaching online bread and traditional pastry baking courses, a job that lets me take care of my family and enjoy their company. I could not be happier.

Born in Madrid, Spain, I have lived in my hometown or its surroundings most of my life, except for a few years in Brazil and The Netherlands.

A serial cook and baker, I studied Chemistry at college, but I learnt later that I would have been a lot happier had I studied Food Science. Which I intend to compensate for everyday as a self-taught food writer.

After working 15 years in the Oil&Gas industry, I quit my job to never look back and to establish myself as a work-at-home-mom in the technical translation business.

With the 2009 crisis my business took a nosedive and having started a recipe blog, El invitado de invierno (The Winter Guest), in 2009 as a hobby, I soon found myself devoting most of my time to writing, cooking and photographing food. What we call today digital content creation.

And now I do professional food content creation, writing, and photography, always revolving around gastronomy. Because that is what I love most.

Born in Guatemala but a Spaniard by adoption for more than 22 years, I’ve had a keen interest in art, colors, and shapes since I was a child, which led me to study Architecture in college. Later on, while doing my Ph.D. in Architectural projects in Madrid, I started a Master in Fine Arts and a cooking degree as well.

The rich gastronomic tradition of Spain along with my teachers and my passion for world cuisines helped me then discover a wide range of ingredients, cooking techniques and recipes, not only from Spain but also from other countries.

I have worked a long time as a cookery teacher and even set up a cooking school in Chamberí —an authentically traditional quarter in Madrid— in 2001, but art kept calling me, therefore, I took to studying photography and video editing in the last years.

Now I work as a digital content creator while teaching some cooking classes as well, but what I love most is collecting recipes, photographs, cinemagraphs and videos at El Oso con Botas (Bear in Boots), a recipe blog that I started on 2012.