On a mission to conquer the world, one tapa at a time

papas aliñás, potato salad

Papas aliñás, potato salad

Papas aliñás or potato salad is a traditional tapa all over Andalucia, although it is in Cadiz where it is most popular. New potatoes, boiled to perfection and dressed with tender spring onion, fresh …

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banderillas or pickles on skewers

Banderillas, pickles on skewers

Banderillas or pickles on skewers are one of the most popular, tradicional and classic tapas of Spain. They take their name from the Spanish bullfighter’s spear. You’ll find them accompany…

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stuffed artichokes

Alcachofas rellenas, stuffed artichokes

Alcachofas rellenas or stuffed artichokes are representative of the wide variety of vegetable dishes and tapas, part of the wonderful Mediterranean diet. In this recipe artichokes are very simply cook…

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