On a mission to conquer the world, one tapa at a time

empanadillas hand pies

Empanadillas, hand pies stuffed with tuna

Empanadillas, meaning little empanadas (see pronunciation here), are hand pies stuffed with various fillings that are most often fried, but that can be baked as well for a lighter tapa. Like so many o…

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flamenquines pork ham rolls

Flamenquines, breaded pork and ham rolls

Flamenquines, pork and ham rolls breaded and fried in olive oil, are typical from Andalusia (see pronunciation here). Some say they originated in the province of Córdoba while some others claim itR…

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recipe fried squid calamari

Calamares a la romana, fried squid rings

Calamares a la romana, literally meaning squid rings Roman style, are an ubiquitous tapa that’s prepared by cutting the squid or calamari body in rings, dipping the rings in frying batter or pla…

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