On a mission to conquer the world, one tapa at a time

Tomato bread c

Pa amb tomàquet, Catalan tomato bread

Tomato bread from Catalonia or pa amb tomàquet might be the most delicious and simplest comfort food that you can make at home and turn it into a quick and easy tapa. Basically, consists of a slice of…

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Gazpacho recipe

Gazpacho, Spanish cold soup of tomato

Gazpacho is a Spanish cold soup of tomato and vegetables made with a perfect blend of fresh tomatoes, Italian frying pepper, garlic, vinegar, bread and olive oil. In most recipes —especially the old o…

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Chicken stew with tomato

Pollo con tomate, chicken stew with tomato

Chicken stew with tomato or pollo con tomate consists of chicken, tomato, onion, Italian pepper and garlic. It can also include paprika, stock to enrich the sauce and our omnipresent majado: a traditi…

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Garlic soup recipe 3

Sopa de ajo, garlic soup

Sopa de ajo or sopas de ajo means garlic soup, a traditional meal made with pieces of bread, garlic, pimentón de La Vera (Spanish sweet and smoked paprika), olive oil, water (or broth) and eggs. In ot…

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Albondigas, Spanish meatballs recipe 13

Albondigas, Spanish meatballs

Albondigas or albondiguillas are the delish Spanish version of meatballs, which can be made either with pork, veal, beef or a mixture of any of the above-mentioned minced meats. Once coated in flour t…

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Spanish omelette recipe cabecera 1

Spanish omelette recipe, tortilla de patata

Spanish omelette is an omelette made with potatoes, eggs, salt, olive oil and onions, being the last completely optional. It can be served hot or at room temperature. A classic Spanish tapa not to be …

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