On a mission to conquer the world, one tapa at a time

Russian salad Salamanca style tapa, Palomas recipe

Palomas, Russian salad Salamanca style tapa

  Russian salad Salamanca style tapa or Paloma —known also as palomita—, which literally translates as pigeon, is a well-known tapa from the famous city of Salamanca. You will just need to make a Russ…

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stuffed artichokes

Alcachofas rellenas, stuffed artichokes

Alcachofas rellenas or stuffed artichokes are representative of the wide variety of vegetable dishes and tapas, part of the wonderful Mediterranean diet. In this recipe artichokes are very simply cook…

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Croquetas de puerro, leek croquettes

Croquetas de puerro or leek croquettes are fritters made with béchamel sauce seasoned with chopped ingredients, leek in this case, that are then coated in egg, breadcrumbs and deep-fried. They’r…

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Brains beignets recipe 3

Buñuelos de sesos, brain beignets

Brain beignets or buñuelos de sesos are an old-fashioned dish consisting of small pieces of veal, lamb or pig brains coated with a batter usually consisting of flour, oil, egg and water or milk, then …

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eggplant beignets

Berenjenas rebozadas, eggplant beignets

Berenjenas rebozadas or eggplant beignets are a vegetarian tapa consisting of eggplant or aubergine slices coated in flour and beaten egg, then fried in olive oil to make the tastiest vegetable beigne…

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Huevos rellenos, stuffed eggs

Huevos rellenos or stuffed eggs is one of the most traditional tapas around. Boiled eggs are cut in half, then yolks are removed and mixed with tuna preserve and mayonnaise. They’re refilled wit…

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Pork hash or picadillo recipe

Picadillo, Spanish pork hash

Spanish pork hash or picadillo basically consist of chopped pork meat seasoned with Spanish smoked paprika (pimentón), garlic, salt, oregano and olive oil. It is eaten all over the country but especia…

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Pescaíto frito, fried fish

Pescaíto frito, fritura de pescado or fried fish is a tapa typical in all Andalusia (though not only) consisting of small-size fish coated in flour and fried in olive oil to crispy perfection. Fish ha…

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